Axle Straps

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Have you ever gotten to a Strongman competition only to find out your straps are too short for the axle deadlift or have your long wrist strap break when you need it most. Never again will you fall short due to inadequate equipment. The most trusted name in wrist straps brings to you the axle deadlift wrist strap. With 30 inches of axle gripping strength the Spud Inc Axle Strap will give you maximal hold on even the big 3 inch axle deadlift. Straps that never break is the Spud Inc promises and we deliver every time. We back our Axle straps with a lifetime warranty.

Custom Axle straps are available in any length for an extra $ 5.00. Please call (803) 788-2852 or email to place a custom strap order.

Made: In the USA
Length: 30 inches
Width: 1.5 inches
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