Jeepers Creepers Abs

Jeepers Creepers Abs

Spud talks junk about his ripped up abs after cancer treatment.

So my weight is holding about 220 right now with some abs showing. I mess with the wife sometimes flashing the abs and tightening down like you got poop face. She usually screams at me saying I am trying to make her feel bad (fat) and that is not the case at all. But I do enjoy very much irritating her and getting screamed at. Makes my skin tingle to be funnin'. Lastly, abs and me are like a fool and his money. They are short lived and gone like a vacation day. I only get abs during extreme circumstances-i.e large amounts of cardio and dieting or neck cancer.

Anyhow, I flash them and she yells right on que. I say I had to get neck cancer to get them. I then tell her they are my Jeepers Creepers abs based on the shit storm I had to endure losing the weight through the radiation and chemo and not being able to eat much for 6 weeks.

When I got down to 202ish that is what I felt I looked like - Jeepers Creepers and that my abs pretty much only come around every 23 years like Jeepers Creepers. My thoughts are you have to make fun of suffering after it is done to help you deal with it. But Jeepers Creepers Abs is some funny shit!




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