Bodybuilder Towel Strap

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The bodybuilder towel strap is the big brother to the short ab strap. The towel strap can be used for almost any upper body exercise including: face pulls, pull-ups, cable rows, curls, triceps extensions, and cable crunches. The towel strap has everything you like about the short ab strap with comfortable easy to grip handles.

When we were beginning to create the product line for Spud, Inc. our good friend Dave Tate from began to wax reminiscent of the old school way of doing pull ups with a towel. Do you remember that? Old school bodybuilders would wrap duct tape on the ends of a face towel, drape it over the pull-up bar and go to town. Thus, the bodybuilder towel strap which is good for this type of pull up plus the multitude of exercises already listed and anything you can link up.


Made: In the USA
Length: 18 inches
Width: 2 inches
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