Bowtie Formal

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The Formal Bowtie was designed with the athlete in mind.  The heavier and stiffer material will give you more compression where you need it to provide even stronger postural correction than the Casual Bowtie.  Athletes with muscle imbalances and other issues from years of training for peak performance would benefit from the tighter feel of the Formal Bowtie.

The Formal Bowtie can be used for a quick way to warm-up your shoulders before working out.  Or, you can wear it while you work out to make sure your form stays tight and on point.  Wear it while squatting, deadlifting and benching or while doing various accessory work.  Give the Formal Bowtie a chance and you will be able to feel your body transform….your shoulders will love you, we promise!


| stephanie Smith 15-11-2016 12:44

Life changing! I'm lifting better & due to the correction of my posture my form's on point - preventing other injuries! I have to keep ordering more because friends (athletes & non-athletes) want their own!

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