Croc Lock Collar (pair)

Article number: SPUD213

Simply put, we think that this is the best collar your money can buy.

*Patent Pending

This collar is going to change the game. Initial quantities are limited.

We wish someone would've thought of this sooner. Hell, we wish we would've thought of it sooner.


This thing works. It's built like a tank. It has a million uses...and this is all just the start.

If you've been around big-time strength training for awhile, and train in a powerlifting gym, you know somewhere in the gym is a bucket or a tool drawer filled with broken "specialty bar" collars. Ones that got in the way after you missed that last attempt...or ones that got trapped between the weight in the floor. You know what we're talking about - we've got a bucket just like that out in the S4 Compound here.

If you spend $60 on a pair of collars, you should expect them not to break when life (and lifting) happens. The Croc Collar is built out of strong yet pliable composite that can roll with the punches. This means it won't break if things get a little crazy under the bar, or after.

It's also surrounded by a complete bolt-through band of high-denier nylon that is replaceable, so after years of faithful service you can spend $9.95 to replace the high-wear section of the collar rather than buying a whole new pair.

You know what collars are for - keeping the weight where it's supposed to be. But the options for this are limitless - and we'll have a short video soon to show you what we mean. You can use this as a collar, as a quick-detach collar for those pain-in-the-ass chain training sessions when you and your buddy both have a different weight (once un-Velcro'd, it is completely open and detachable), you can use it for cues, you can even use it to similar a wider bar feel.

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