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1 General
1.1 Are your belts legal for powerlifting?
Our belts are legal in a number of powerlifting federations (SPF, APF, RPS, etc...), but are not legal in ALL powerlifting federations. Check with the state chair for the federation you plan to compete in to make sure all of your gear is compliant with their rules.
1.2 I live overseas. What is the best way to place an order?
The best way to place international orders is via e-mail. Send us an email with the products you are interested in ordering and your address and we can send you a quote. Payments are then made via Paypal. Send e-mails to
2 Returns & Exchanges
2.1 I ordered the wrong size belt/harness. What do I do?

We can exchange any unused products for a different size. Send us an email or call us to let us know that you need to exchange a product and we will give you instructions on how to complete your exchange.


Phone number: 803-788-2852

3 Shipping
4 Sizing
4.1 What is the difference in the women’s belt and the men’s belt?
The women’s belt is made out of 3” wide woven nylon. The men’s belt is made out of 4” wide woven nylon. We also offer a 5” wide belt for strongman competitors.
4.2 What is the difference in the 2 ply and 3 ply belt?
The 2 ply belt is great for lifters the do a lot of dynamic movements. The 2 ply belt is pliable and supportive so it is great for Olympic lifting, crossfit, or even beginners who are not use to wearing a belt. The 3 ply belt is a thicker stiffer version of the 2 ply belt. The 3 ply belt is great for strongman, powerlifting, or just someone who likes solid support during heavy lifting.